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Lapa Ceiling Fan

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Price: $360.00

Lapa Ceiling Fan


1. Model: LPA-RB - Rubbed Bronze

2. Blade Span:

3. Blade Color:

4. Light Kit:

5. Fan Speed / Light Control:

6. Hugger Option::

Material(s): Metal, Wood

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Design by Ron Rezek.
By The Period Arts Fan Company.

A continuing desire to add value along with design resulted in Modern Fan Company's distinctive Lapa fan. The Lapa's optional light is housed in mouth-blown glass and can be specified to use either a compact fluorescent or incandescent lamp. With the fluorescent option the fan qualifies for the EPA's Energy Star labeling as a highly efficient, energy conserving design.

The fan can accommodate a sloped ceiling up to 33°. For slopes over 33° but under 45°, use the sloped ceiling adapter (sold separately). Includes 5" and 13" downrods for 16" or 24" overall height. Optional downrods available for alternate heights. An optional hugger adapter for low-ceiling applications is also available, reducing overall height to only 12".

  • Airflow measured in cubic feet per minute at high speed (CFM) = 5193
  • Watts at high speed = 53
  • Airflow efficiency at high speed (CFM/Watts) = 98

Note: Any control ordered with a fan that has been configured with an energy-saving CFL will be supplied in a non-dimming version.

Material(s): Metal, Wood


  • Fan body: 7" Dia X 9" H
  • Ceiling canopy: 5.25" Dia
  • Includes 5" and 13" downrods for 16" or 24" overall height. To calculate overall height when using optional downrods, add 11" to the downrod length.
  • Optional light kit adds 3" to overall height.
  • Hugger adapter reduces overall height to 12".



  • Halogen: 1 X 75W G9 Halogen lamp (included)
  • Compact Fluorescent: 1 X 26W GU24 Compact Fluorescent lamp (included)

Listing: UL, CUL

Manufacturer Specifications: Click to download specifications.

Instructions: Click to download instructions.

Model(s): LPA-RB-42-BK-450-001 LPA-RB-42-BK-450-002 LPA-RB-42-BK-450-003 LPA-RB-42-BK-450-004 LPA-RB-42-BK-450-005 LPA-RB-42-BK-450-NC LPA-RB-42-BK-451-001 LPA-RB-42-BK-451-002 LPA-RB-42-BK-451-003 LPA-RB-42-BK-451-004 LPA-RB-42-BK-451-005 LPA-RB-42-BK-451-NC LPA-RB-42-BK-550-001 LPA-RB-42-BK-550-002 LPA-RB-42-BK-550-003 LPA-RB-42-BK-550-004 LPA-RB-42-BK-550-005 LPA-RB-42-BK-550-NC LPA-RB-42-BK-551-001 LPA-RB-42-BK-551-002 LPA-RB-42-BK-551-003 LPA-RB-42-BK-551-004 LPA-RB-42-BK-551-005 LPA-RB-42-BK-551-NC LPA-RB-42-BK-NL-001 LPA-RB-42-BK-NL-002 LPA-RB-42-BK-NL-003 LPA-RB-42-BK-NL-004 LPA-RB-42-BK-NL-005 LPA-RB-42-BK-NL-NC LPA-RB-42-MG-450-001 LPA-RB-42-MG-450-002 LPA-RB-42-MG-450-003 LPA-RB-42-MG-450-004 LPA-RB-42-MG-450-005 LPA-RB-42-MG-450-NC LPA-RB-42-MG-451-001 LPA-RB-42-MG-451-002 LPA-RB-42-MG-451-003 LPA-RB-42-MG-451-004 LPA-RB-42-MG-451-005 LPA-RB-42-MG-451-NC LPA-RB-42-MG-550-001 LPA-RB-42-MG-550-002 LPA-RB-42-MG-550-003 LPA-RB-42-MG-550-004 LPA-RB-42-MG-550-005 LPA-RB-42-MG-550-NC LPA-RB-42-MG-551-001 LPA-RB-42-MG-551-002 LPA-RB-42-MG-551-003 LPA-RB-42-MG-551-004 LPA-RB-42-MG-551-005 LPA-RB-42-MG-551-NC LPA-RB-42-MG-NL-001 LPA-RB-42-MG-NL-002 LPA-RB-42-MG-NL-003 LPA-RB-42-MG-NL-004 LPA-RB-42-MG-NL-005 LPA-RB-42-MG-NL-NC LPA-RB-42-MP-450-001 LPA-RB-42-MP-450-002 LPA-RB-42-MP-450-003 LPA-RB-42-MP-450-004 LPA-RB-42-MP-450-005 LPA-RB-42-MP-450-NC LPA-RB-42-MP-451-001 LPA-RB-42-MP-451-002 LPA-RB-42-MP-451-003 LPA-RB-42-MP-451-004 LPA-RB-42-MP-451-005 LPA-RB-42-MP-451-NC LPA-RB-42-MP-550-001 LPA-RB-42-MP-550-002 LPA-RB-42-MP-550-003 LPA-RB-42-MP-550-004 LPA-RB-42-MP-550-005 LPA-RB-42-MP-550-NC LPA-RB-42-MP-551-001 LPA-RB-42-MP-551-002 LPA-RB-42-MP-551-003 LPA-RB-42-MP-551-004 LPA-RB-42-MP-551-005 LPA-RB-42-MP-551-NC LPA-RB-42-MP-NL-001 LPA-RB-42-MP-NL-002 LPA-RB-42-MP-NL-003 LPA-RB-42-MP-NL-004 LPA-RB-42-MP-NL-005 LPA-RB-42-MP-NL-NC LPA-RB-52-BK-450-001 LPA-RB-52-BK-450-002 LPA-RB-52-BK-450-003 LPA-RB-52-BK-450-004 LPA-RB-52-BK-450-005 LPA-RB-52-BK-450-NC LPA-RB-52-BK-451-001 LPA-RB-52-BK-451-002 LPA-RB-52-BK-451-003 LPA-RB-52-BK-451-004 LPA-RB-52-BK-451-005 LPA-RB-52-BK-451-NC LPA-RB-52-BK-550-001 LPA-RB-52-BK-550-002 LPA-RB-52-BK-550-003 LPA-RB-52-BK-550-004 LPA-RB-52-BK-550-005 LPA-RB-52-BK-550-NC LPA-RB-52-BK-551-001 LPA-RB-52-BK-551-002 LPA-RB-52-BK-551-003 LPA-RB-52-BK-551-004 LPA-RB-52-BK-551-005 LPA-RB-52-BK-551-NC LPA-RB-52-BK-NL-001 LPA-RB-52-BK-NL-002 LPA-RB-52-BK-NL-003 LPA-RB-52-BK-NL-004 LPA-RB-52-BK-NL-005 LPA-RB-52-BK-NL-NC LPA-RB-52-MG-450-001 LPA-RB-52-MG-450-002 LPA-RB-52-MG-450-003 LPA-RB-52-MG-450-004 LPA-RB-52-MG-450-005 LPA-RB-52-MG-450-NC LPA-RB-52-MG-451-001 LPA-RB-52-MG-451-002 LPA-RB-52-MG-451-003 LPA-RB-52-MG-451-004 LPA-RB-52-MG-451-005 LPA-RB-52-MG-451-NC LPA-RB-52-MG-550-001 LPA-RB-52-MG-550-002 LPA-RB-52-MG-550-003 LPA-RB-52-MG-550-004 LPA-RB-52-MG-550-005 LPA-RB-52-MG-550-NC LPA-RB-52-MG-551-001 LPA-RB-52-MG-551-002 LPA-RB-52-MG-551-003 LPA-RB-52-MG-551-004 LPA-RB-52-MG-551-005 LPA-RB-52-MG-551-NC LPA-RB-52-MG-NL-001 LPA-RB-52-MG-NL-002 LPA-RB-52-MG-NL-003 LPA-RB-52-MG-NL-004 LPA-RB-52-MG-NL-005 LPA-RB-52-MG-NL-NC LPA-RB-52-MP-450-001 LPA-RB-52-MP-450-002 LPA-RB-52-MP-450-003 LPA-RB-52-MP-450-004 LPA-RB-52-MP-450-005 LPA-RB-52-MP-450-NC LPA-RB-52-MP-451-001 LPA-RB-52-MP-451-002 LPA-RB-52-MP-451-003 LPA-RB-52-MP-451-004 LPA-RB-52-MP-451-005 LPA-RB-52-MP-451-NC LPA-RB-52-MP-550-001 LPA-RB-52-MP-550-002 LPA-RB-52-MP-550-003 LPA-RB-52-MP-550-004 LPA-RB-52-MP-550-005 LPA-RB-52-MP-550-NC LPA-RB-52-MP-551-001 LPA-RB-52-MP-551-002 LPA-RB-52-MP-551-003 LPA-RB-52-MP-551-004 LPA-RB-52-MP-551-005 LPA-RB-52-MP-551-NC LPA-RB-52-MP-NL-001 LPA-RB-52-MP-NL-002 LPA-RB-52-MP-NL-003 LPA-RB-52-MP-NL-004 LPA-RB-52-MP-NL-005 LPA-RB-52-MP-NL-NC

Ron Rezek

Ron Rezek designed the world's first contemporary-styled ceiling fan, the Stratos, in 1986. But his list of accomplishments in the design world is long and varied, from lifeguard equipment to contemporary lighting. In 1997, Ron started The Modern Fan Co. in Ashland, Oregon, which produces and sells only contemporary ceiling fans.

His ceiling fans have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, retail and institutional applications, and all types of residential projects.

Ron Rezek's Philosophy:
"I don't think contemporary means a stark white room. I think it means a tasteful alignment of important elements. There are some designers who copy the Modernists who have come before. But I think 'contemporary' is the pursuit of the new." "People assume that all contemporary fixtures are more functional than traditional ones. That is because contemporary fixtures are easier to clean and they seem to be more utilitarian based on their appearance. And because of their simplicity and lack of ornamentation, they also have an alliance with the industrial look. But all of this doesn't necessarily translate into function. The Modern Fan Co.'s fans are designed to be functional and energy efficient. This is part of being contemporary and pushing the edge. Energy efficiency is the wave of the future."

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Period Arts Fan Company

The Period Arts Fan Company was founded to develop authentic ceiling fans true to the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century architectural, interior and product design movements.

Arts & Crafts, Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau, the Wiener Werkstatte, Viennese Secessionism, the Bauhaus along with Futurism and French Art Deco are fertile sources for retrospective ceiling fan designs.

The first electric ceiling fans (c. 1890's), although well engineered and functional, were generally ornamented in what is now called the "Victorian" style. This style evolved from "naturalis", in which objects were adorned in plant and flower motifs and were highly patterned and stylized. Most of the ceiling fans on the market today are copies of, or inspired by this Victorian-era style.

Period Arts looks to the great American and European design movements of the past for inspiration in producing original interpretations of what could have been. These new alternatives possess the best of both worlds: period design and modern technology.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic, quiet fan We replaced a builder-grade bedroom fan in the house we purchased with the Lapa. Not only does it look a million times better, especially in the bronze/mahogany combination, it has a smaller footprint (we used the optional hugger mount) and is more powerful. Since we installed it, we have not needed to put it higher than the 3rd of 4 speeds, and then only for limited times to quick-cool the room. I haven't seen the electric bill yet to compare, but it seems like it should be more energy-efficient than the older fan model. Definitely recommended.
Date published: 2014-08-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great look for the whole house! We wanted great-looking fans that were modern but not outlandish and this fan design fit the bill perfectly. We ordered three for different rooms with a different finish in each room. They work really well with our decor and unify the space. The fans are very quiet and the halogen lights are nice and bright.
Date published: 2012-11-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Beautiful, modern fan for space with dark wood! I searched for months trying to find a modern fan that would look good in a room with darker wood. I liked the aluminum styles but they wouldn't look good with our living room decor. This fan is perfect!!! Easy installation, quiet, beautiful, modern but classic. Very happy!
Date published: 2013-06-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great ceilling Fan!! We are so pleased with our new ceiling fan - It gives our living room a whole new personality. It's one of a kind and very unique. Couldn't have found anything like it in our area. Thanks for the great service and a timely delivery.
Date published: 2012-10-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Well designed, elegant This fan style, as well as others from the same manufacturer, demonstrates that ceiling fan design does not have to look dowdy, overdecorated, or oversized.
Date published: 2013-11-15
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Lapa Ceiling Fan is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 5.
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